Military Women: We believe that women in the military should have the same benefits and opportunities as their male counterparts.

Prevention of Sex Discrimination: Discrimination anywhere is injustice everywhere. Women should  be able to navigate spaces and engage in any setting without their gender being questioned or used against them.

Healthy Living: Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women of color and advocating for more programming and funding for promoting healthy living for women, no matter her age, her insurance status, or the position she is in her life.

Breast Cancer Prevention and Research: Triple Negative Breast Cancer is the 'silent killer' among women of color and more attention needs to be given to research and funding to combat this deadly disease.

Youth Empowerment: The youth are our future and deserve to have programming, funding, and a supportive network to Flourish and grow into productive adults.

STEAM Education: We are increasing the awareness of careers in this area and supportive of educational programs that enrich young women of color to pursue STEAM-based initiatives.

Maternal Child Health: We fully support programming that will engage stakeholders to eradicate the determining factors that effects women during child bearing years as well as during pregnancy. 

We are making an impact by supporting candidates that are addressing these issues as well as legislation that will greatly impact the communities that they serve. 

Join us in this fight to help alleviate the issues that plague women of color.