About Us

As black women, we face inequality and discrimination throughout our lives. We come from a rich and noble history, and despite our challenges, Black women in particular have much to be proud of, boasting historic increases in rates of entrepreneurship and college degrees.

Black women are still underrepresented and underfunded in politics. It's time for a change.

In August 2018, FlourishPAC, a political action committee (PAC) was founded to raise money for black women running for office. We are uniquely prepared to be successful elected officials. 

These are the types of women we meet every day. Yet our closest networks, the women who look like us, are not well-represented in public office. Not only are they underrepresented, there are systemic biases which are hindering their success.

Of the 107 women serving in the 115th US Congress, 38, or 35.5%, are women of color, 4 in the Senate and 34 in the House. Of the 73 women serving in statewide elective executive offices, 8, or 11.0%, are women of color. Of the 1,874 women state legislators serving nationwide, 456 or 24.3% are women of color.

We can do better. And we invite you to do something about it.

It's time for you to make an impact and help us get a seat at the table. Get involved by becoming a member today!